The cancellation of the proposed Film Village in Kano, by the President Buhari led Administration is beginning to get heavy backlash from some individuals and one of those is actor and younger brother to Nollywood actor and producer, Kunle Afolayan, Aremu Afolayan.

 Reports making the rounds has it that the federal government had the cancel the propose film village base on the premise that it will promote immorality in the state after some consultations with some Muslim clerics.

Angry Aremu could not hide his feelings when he woke up to the news as he verbally attacked the mode of reasoning of the President Muhammadu Buhari.

According to him while expressing his displeasure he said, “In my entire life, I have never seen a failed country like my almighty Nigeria. I woke up now and this is what I saw. Aiye Buhari thinking onida. What nonsense and I never new some group of people can determine the faith of a whole country. Wonderful that’s still my same Nigeria. I no they don’t even respect movie not to talk of the actors, directors and producers. That’s why the last time I spoke about the English and Yoruba speaking actors that collected money and rally with this elected camels. I ask them all if that’s what we are worth? No one gave me a good answer. The poverty that consume us labe aso (under our cloth) is more than Nigerian problems. Some will praise us hurray to tell us we are doing good, but me and them no it’s a life. At this age and time, for a country not to know the meaning of a film village and it’s advantage, then why bordered about the uprising of the main country. LONG LIVE SCARED NIGERIANS  INSTA STUPID, FOOLISH GOVERNMENT, INSTA HATE .dislike, film is life film is all. ONE DAY, NIGERIA WILL STILL TURN TO A COUNTRY WERE ALL CITIZENS WILL CARY A GUN, THEN I WANNA NO WHERE THE GOVERNMENT WILL RUN TO, COS IT WILL BE SO LATE.”