There’s a silent war that is being waged behind the shine and glitter that is Nollywood right now and it is between two female producers in the industry… One is an award-winning, trail blazer that has been in the industry from inception and the other is an up and coming, ‘money-miss-road’ producer that thinks money is the answer to all things. Lets call them by their nicknames; ‘Award-winning’ and ‘Money-Miss-Road’! ….lol

It all started when ‘Money-Miss-Road’ approached ‘Award-winning’ that she wanted to produce a film but didn’t know how to go about it. “Award-wining’ assisted her to do this and though her film made lukewarm impact in the industry, she continued to produce films with Award-wining from time to time and the two became friends.

Some years later Award-winning decided to float a film marketing company when licenses came out. ‘Money Miss’ got wind of this and the two decided to partner and market films together.

Not a bad idea except that ‘Money-Miss’ had a singular ambition; to be the foremost female producer in Nigeria by all means and at all costs… not a bad ambition but the problem is there are other hot, badass, female producers out there that through sheer hardwork, brilliance and talent , have continued to shine and wow audiences over, much to her chagrin. A firm believer of the saying, ‘Keep your friends close and your enemies closer’, Money-miss decided to come close to Award winning to study her winning formula, use money to make hers 10 times better and dump her when she is through!

She then wormed her way into the good graces of Award-winning acting as a friend and a confidante and before anyone could say ‘Jack Robinson’, the two were seen all over town together and doing everything together. Award-Winning’s old friends did not know what to make out of this new-found friendship and told Award-winning to be careful.

Some who knew Money-Miss from way back before she came into her ‘sudden wealth’ knew her as a very wicked, vindictive, person who would stop at nothing to get anything but all advice fell on deaf ears as Award-winning felt her friends were just being over-suspicious and over-protective.

Before long, Money-Miss began to put her game plan into action. She did this by systematically poisoning the mind of Award-wining about several of her friends in the industry.

She said her friends were cheating her, using her and did not want her progress and other unfounded lies. Before long, Award winning began to have second thoughts about many of her friends in the industry and even accused a popular male star actor about this.

The Male actor suspected a rat and wondered where all this was coming from? He knew Award-winning was not like that naturally and he tried to make her see reason but all fell on deaf ears.

Money-Miss then put plan B into gear; ‘To study Award-wining’s formula, enter and dominate before dumping Award-winning after getting what she wants’. She would ask Award-winning to write a script for her and now matter what she writes she would change things in the script so that her name can be added as script writer! Meanwhile these ‘changes’ usually end up spoiling the script!

She would also find out which film Award-winning is shooting next, when she knows the story line and the cast list, she will quickly run and organize to do her own movie using the same or similar cast and story line! For example, when both wanted to shoot their films, Money-Miss who usually uses a certain star actress from Ondo state, quickly switched to use an certain star actress from Mbaise as well a light skinned actor from Ghana because she learnt that was what Award winning was planning to do!

She also stole ideas in the film, making Award- wining not use them in her film! Because an American-based director had called and offered to come and shoot a film with Award-winning, Money Miss quickly jetted to the U.S to shop for one too and ended up bringing one back with her which she used to shoot her movie that has been ‘silently causing scandals around the place’.

that apart, Award-winning noticed some other traits in Money Miss. If they go out together, once they are discussing and Award-winning mentions her name, people go into a frenzy, screaming that they had finally met the brilliant person behind all those productions. Meanwhile the look on Money-Miss’ face can fry egg! She would then be cold and angry, making Award-Winning feel bad. Please my people tell me?

Person wey just start yesterday wey no be household name how you go vex with person wey dey there several years before you, wey don pay her dues? Just because she came into ‘sudden wealth’ Money-Miss no want make person drink water again? She wants people to be worshipping her because of her newly ‘aqcuired’ wealth! Please my people, how is that possible? After another particularly nasty incident, Award-wining decided to pull out finally from the business and go on her own; Money-Miss was livid! Because she was not yet through using her. All entreaties to make Award winning come back failed so Money-Miss has now made her a sworn enemy! Any enquiries or information about Award-winning’s films are ignored and rebuffed! Any efforts to greet her in public are also rebuffed… to which many laugh.

Pray, can an elephant feel the rantings an ant on its back?

Advice to the two warring producers;
Please, the sky is big enough for every one. There is enough room at the top for all… and the consumers will be happier for that.


By sTTelA.dK