Just yesterday, we wrote about speculations of actress Iyabo Ojo  being involved with her PA, Gbemi  as reports have been going round that they could be lesbians.

This came after the actress’s continuous showering of gifts on the upcoming actress who doubles as her personal assistant.

If the present rumor making waves has any truth then the actress might have been spending recklessly on her PA to buy her loyalty so as not to be exposed in future or could be lesbians also as rumored.

meanwhile, Investigative journalist, Kemi OLunloyo has just revealed shocking details that was sent to her by an alleged witness.

It has been disclosed that the car the actress gifted her P.A; Gbemi Last year was gifted to her by  an undisclosed Nigerian Minister.

If you remember, the actress had gifted her PA the vehicle as a brand new vehicle been purchased by her and it appears the secret to her wealth is gradually coming to light if the story has any element of truth.

According to the whistle blower:  “The Toyota corolla she claimed she bought her P.A last year is one of the cars that her former minister ex-boyfriend gave to her.”