Iyanya just got one of his biggest embarrassments when Houston-based strategist and veteran promoter  Don De Moe told the world that Iyanya cannot even afford to pay his hotel bills. He left Iyanya to be roasted on the social media until the singer came to defend himself.


Don De Moe said “Iyanya, please pay your bills at the Hilton and stop living off same promoters you call broke,” Moe wrote on Instagram, adding, “You haven’t paid your bills since Monday, July 4th and I am tired of carrying you.”

But  Iyanya has replied with “When haters trying to make blessed people bad,” This gave his fans an assurance that their singer is not as broke as he has been made to be.  Since he was rumoured to be making his way out of MMMG, things have been jumping out to test his strength.