Iyanya was 30 years Old a couple of days ago, actually on 31st of October.

An inside source from his management just hinted at us that Iyanya may extend his #Up2Sumting campaign toward a plan to get settled down and surprise followers of Hash tag with a truly personal ‘up to something’ gist.

We all know the marriage dilemma Iyanya has found himself. Three years ago he posted “I am not even sure these days because if you say you want to go to church and get one, she comes into the house and she’s a mess, whereas you could have a club girl and she would be amazing. For now,

I am just concentrating on music, trying to be successful because you will have to provide for her when she comes, whenever it is. I just believe God for a best friend because it only makes sense when she is your best friend”.

Three years later he hasn’t yet gotten a woman trust worthy to answer his name. We can however keep our fingers crossed as we expect a surprise, maybe in another three years time. Iyanya, who made a surprise switch from TrippleMG to Mavin, is set to drop a single under the label featuring Don Jazzy.