Freda Francis was rumored to be a relationship with Kukere crooner, Iyanya.  Despite the allegations, the duo never acknowledged or debunked the rumor to be true, and that triggered the suspicion of the story being true.

The curvy beauty was recently asked out by a bold follower who at first asked if she and Iyanya were done, she replied him saying its 2016 and there should be no more questions.

Her response propelled the fan to opening ask her out. He openly declared he would love to replace the MMMG artiste if given the chance.

Bold, yes he is bold, not everyone has such gut. Well, there is no harm in trying, the worst he could get was a NO, and actually, Freda hasn’t responded.

In her word: “Hello, its 2016, no more questions and oh you can book a spa session.”

Wouldn’t you advice him to book a Spa session actually? Who knows, it could be the beginning of the guy’s dreams coming to reality.