Right after Jackie Appiah’s pictures started circulating in the media about her going into music, lots of movie and music fans started calling NigeriaFilms.Com to ask where they can get a copy of Jackie Appiah’s Music.

On Record, we contacted the manager of Jackie Appiah in the person of Samira Yakubu who was not specific but rather promised to get back to us on the music rumor going round in the media.

On April 7th Jackie Appiah confirmed to other online media including Nigeriafilms.com and a few other Ghana media houses that she has finally entered into the music industry and will be coming out with a first single soon.

Notwithstanding, she went ahead to reveal to the various media houses that singing is the most difficult profession in showbiz compared to acting which she is well vested in and widely known for. She said.

‘it is difficult,‘ adding , I don’t envy musicians at all because going into the booth, you have to sing from your stomach and you need so much energy to sing and it was really tough. It’s a nice song and Zap Mallet produced the song. I have shot the video as well and the people in the video include, Kalsum Sinare, Kwame Faakye, Kwamebee,Ekow Smith Asante and a whole lot of stars in the video ‘She continued

Most of us thinking all theses lies will end there, the media was also informed by Jackie Appiah and her managers to mark April 12 as to date her music will be released to the general public.

On that April 12, we sat behind the radio, Tv looking forward to see Jackie Appiah’s music but it ended up to be a UB commercial.

In (Mustapha Ayinde Inusah’s) my Personal opinion Jackie Appiah is one of the hottest Female actresses Ghana has ever had, with very good acting skills which has helped Ghana movies to get to its peak.

Again, I also think that she has grown past this kind of gimmick and so next time she shouldn’t accept to be part of this type of media stunts, since we have seen her in these types of commercials in about three Ghanaian movies and for other advertizing agencies.

Information Nigeriafilms.com has gathered from an insider is that, the gimmick was planned by UB and some section of the media, and Jackie Appiah Accepted to be part of it.

With proper P.R work, I think UB could have come out with appropriate way of promoting the commercial rather than lying to the whole world.

I suggest Jackie Appiah should also come out and apologize to her fans before she losses them all for an act of deception in the name of UB.