Biola Giwa-Adeyemi is late Dr Giwa’s sister and she has come out to shed more light on the case between Ibinabo Fiberersima Vs Lagos State.
According to her, she does not have any case with the actress because the case was between Lagos state Government Vs Ibinabo Febresima but not Giwa Vs Ibinabo Febresima.

She explained that on the faithful day of the accident that the actress never bothered to check if the lives in the car she hit were alive or not rather she removed her plate number and ran away.

In her words, “After the accident, Ibinabo left the scene of the accident without checking for any survivors, she took the license plate and registration out of the car and fled from the scene, that was considered “HIT AND RUN.”

Bola further noted that she was surprised when Ibinabo was brought to their GRA apartment and rather than show remorse for her actions, she was more particular with the family dropping charges against her which to her will affect her career after she was asked to publicly apologize to the family.

“Ibinabo was never remorseful, they brought her to meet with me shortly after my brother’s death in GRA Ikeja before my return back to the USA, but her only concern then was to drop the charges against her. I told her that it’s not my family Vs her but the State Vs her, that where I come from in USA that we do not interfere with the justice system, that they should do their job and advise her to apologize publicly to the masses and to the family and throw herself to the mercy of the court.
“She said and l quote “I CAN’T DO THAT, BECAUSE IS GOING TO DAMAGE MY CAREER” what an ego, she cannot apologize publicly, I feel like kicking her ass. She’s worried about her stupid career, What happened to the career of the Doctor, who happened to be a ‘MEDICAL DIRECTOR AND THE HEAD OF THE DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICAL REHABILITATION MEDICINE AT GENERAL HOSPITAL LAGOS,” she added.