Following the successful release of her third album in the United States, and her third album launch in Nigeria, Janelia McNaire Sanya, has signed a new marketing deal with Barnes and Noble in the US.

One of the most respected departmental stores in the US, Barnes and Noble, has signed a deal with the Houston-born Nigerian singer to market the fast selling album titled “I’m An African” that will see the album distributed in over 150 stores throughout the USA, Canada, Europe and parts of South America, Cuba and Brazil.

Describing the deal as epochal, Janelia in a phone chat said it was “the greatest thing to ever happen” to her in 2008.

“I’m so elated and excited that this is happening immediately after my return from home, Nigeria. It’s always been like that.

“The last time I travelled to Nigeria, I got a deal to perform in an exclusive club in Maryland for six months. Now, it’s a distribution deal. I’m so happy,” she said.

Mrs. Morakinyo Amelia, Nigeria-based mother and manager of the Afrobeat crooner, promised that the video of “Just Kala,” the Nigerian version of “I’m An African,” would be ready soon, as Jan is putting finishing touches to the production.

“Janelia is trying to edit the scenes she shot in Nigeria during her last visit and fuse then with some scenes from the US so that it could be of standard. We will soon hear from her,” she assured.