Happier days are here for Janelia McNaire-Sanya as her “Love Song” has caught on with several deejays in Lagos, Abuja, Yola, Kano and Ibadan. The song has been featured repeatedly on air since it was released in celebrating Nigeria at 50.

On the nation’s independence anniversary, 10 out of 12 radio presenters who have copies of the tribute disc played it repeatedly. “It is the best of all tributes done for the nation,” said Doyin Onabolu in Abuja.

The bonus track “Love Song,” which the US-based Nigerian “just included” has become the hit track as it is gradually becoming the deejays’ delight.

When listed among the top 10 Nigerian songs on the website of the four radio stations, the mother of two admitted that she was dazed by the acceptance which the bonus track has been receiving.

“My husband and I thought we should just add it to “Nigeria Titi Lai Lai,” I’m surprised it has become the accepted tracker,” she said.

Not bothered that the last has become the first, she insisted that the two were done to celebrate Nigeria,” I’m just glad that it hit the chords”.

Janelia, who is currently working on her fourth album, has contracted a friend to help her get few Nigerian producers who could fuse her style with Nigeria’s homegrown brand of hip-hop.

“Our Nigerian beats are the hottest now, I plan to do a series of duets with many Nigerians when next I come home,” Janelia revealed. The last time she was in Nigeria was for the resurrected Havana Carnival in the University of Ibadan