The only reason, there’s an industry is the millions of fans local and overseas who support and buy records – the industry lacks everything to qualify as one. J Martins thinks otherwise as he snapped at fans who recently tried to get across to him for an autograph at a public event in Switzerland, ‘a bunch of fans you came to see him perform in Zurich Switzerland‘, a source informs. The event took place on 31. July 2010 in Club OH, Hohlstrasse 452 Zurich.

A Source with the compnay in charge of productions for the show informed: “he didn’t appear like star from his dress code to glasses [sun shade]. He didnt recognised his fans and didn’t say ‘good bye’. Stage performance was zero despite the huge turn out of people but thanks to our publicity.”

He went further to say: “I just think he is more interested in his money than fan base.”

Due to J Martins disappointing event in Swiss, organizers are forced to give those present a 20% discount on ticket for their next two events.

J Martins arrived the venue for the event not mingling with even the organizers and went on stage performing collaborations he did with Timaya, P Square, Brackets and Wizbuoy – not performing his. His chemistry with the DJ worsen his set as “he shouted many times during the show at his own private Dj whom he came with, totally disorganizing and making a mess of him.”

African Mirror, a Switzerland media/production outfit had her representative and cameraman snubbed as they attempted to get across to talk to J Martins after his performance on stage. Fans were denied a chance for an autograph and a fracas almost broke out where ‘ Rasta guy forced himself on him regardless of the insults and exchange of harsh and dirty words.’

The event was powered by Mega Jam production, African Mirror Foundation TV and Afro Hip Hop Switzerland.

“We are yet to get even an apology”, a rep for Mega Jam Production informed.

Before J Martins, The production company had Eedris Abdulkareem, Nigga Raw, Dauda, Pasto Goody Goody and Olu Maintain in Switzerland with Olu Maintain allegedly kissing female fans at will.