Following the resolve of the US government to subject Nigerians coming into the country to serious security checks, many Nigerians have been telling one tale or the other about the treatment being meted out to them either at the American embassy in Nigeria or in the US.
Recently, comedian Jedidiah Ayoola, popularly known as Jedi, had a bitter taste of the rigorous screening exercise in the US. In an exclusive interview with, the comedian said, “I was delayed for over two hours at the airport. My brother, it’s really bad.

This Mutallab boy has really spoilt the image of the country. It was so bad that among everyone in the queue, I was singled out for extra scrutiny and I must say that it was really humiliating. Even while travelling within America, Nigerians are subjected to a strict search. It doesn’t matter who you are and what you do. Even if you have been living in the US for long, the treatment is the same.

The development is really worrisome. What remains to be done is that each Nigerian should try to make things right.” Jedi, who is currently on vacation in America, is among the few stars that will be performing at the Beyond All Limit Concert with Tye Tribett on March 13 at Jesus House in Washington DC.