Jide Awobona advises colleagues as his staff steals $100 from him

Nollywood actor Jide Awobona has sent a message to his colleague after one of his domestic staff stole $100 from his wallet

He admonished his colleagues to stop applying emotions in relating with their staff, especially when they steal even if it is something small. Using himself as an example, he said he always overlooked things until one of his staff stole $100 from his wallet, thinking it would transform his life.

The Yoruba actor told his colleagues to allow their workers to do their jobs, get paid and move. However, they shouldn’t maltreat them.

“I think it’s high time we stopped applying emotions in relating with our domestic staff when they steal as small as chewing gum like this new one did, take it up (though I didn’t, but gage warning) that’s how I overlooked a lot until the previous one stole $100 from my wallet after several Nairas I thought I misplaced or spent, thinking it will transform his life. KO SI BI WON SE MA SE EBOLO.
Do your work, get paid and move.

“Let them do the job they are meant to do, get paid and move, don’t maltreat them.
Though we go as far as giving clothes, food and all, but don’t apply emotions, I realised they don’t love you as much as you love them or try to love them.”