Rumour has it that  Jodie Nnaji of the Kuchi-Kuchi fame and her husband, David Nnaji have separated . However, Jodie is alarmed that such a news could be heard in the public when she has not made it known. Even David is at loss and has denied the news immediately he heard it.

David said “I don’t know where you got that story from because it is wicked and malicious. I am still married to my wife and I am not thinking of leaving her now or in the future,” he said. In 2015, after so much denial about their rumored love affair, the couple who got engaged in September and  had their traditional wedding in Warri on October 31, 2015. Their low profile traditional marriage was attended by few friends and family members.

We could remember how Jodie had vowed she’s a virgin and not in any form of relationship with anybody and when she was asked about her relationship with her then manager, David, she claimed he was only after her career and not her heart. Jodie was caught in her own words when she said she will not sleep with a man until they marry. Six months after her wedding  they welcomed their son…

“Personally, to me, it is wrong because I am not married. I am not condemning those who do it; this is just my personal opinion. I really should not have an opinion on sex because I don’t have any experience. Sex means nothing to me, so I can’t get into a relationship just because of that.” she said.