John Fashanu, and his wife, Rachel Bakam, recently paid a visit to Femi Fani-Kayode and his family this  Monday.  Femi Fani  was honoured that he wrote about the great time they had while together.

“It was an honor to receive Mr. and Mrs. John Fashanu in our home earlier today. We had a great time. What a beautiful and warm couple they are. We had a great time.”  He said. Meanwhile, the former footballer has advocated advocated for the hiring of local coaches as future Super Eagles’ gaffers.

Fashanu  said “I am sorry to say this, but I don’t believe in hiring European coaches to coach the Super Eagles.“It is very difficult to bring a European who spent most of his life in a different environment to come to a different country, with different food, weather and so on.

“Then, you expect him to change the result of what’s going on with the Eagles; that is extremely difficult.”