Rumours have it that over the weekend, Peter Okoye of P-square went on a solo performance at a night club in Abuja fueling rumours of P-square duo splitting.

Adding to that, the singer recently dropped a single titled ‘Look into my eyes’ which had a lot of people reading meaning into the song and relating it to an impending breakup of Africa’s most decorated singing duo.

Further more, Peter Okoye, now goes by the name Mr P and has come out to be under a new management. He will be performing alone on April 7, 2016 at Dubai.

With all these in their faces, Yesterday, Paul got all emotional and wrote in an Instagram post that he wishes their mother were still alive to help out in these trying times.
‘’I wish you were around, now I understand what this life is without having a mother’’ Paul wrote.

And Jude, their elder brother and former manager also voiced out on Instagram. ‘Smiles…Regardless’ he simply wrote via his social media platform.

Meanwhile, the hash-tag, Pray for Psquare has been trending on twitter, as their fans scattered all over the world keep praying and hoping the music twins sort all their differences.