Segun Arinze’s new wife, Julie, may not be a known face, but she’s not lacking in good looks.

One would expect to see her at social functions, but it looks like the Slumberger big babe wants to remain her conservative self even though she is married to a celebrity.

Last Wednesday, Julie came out of her shell and stormed a social function with her beau.

And as the couple entered the venue, paparazzi had a field day. Julie, not used to the clicks of camera, tried to shy away but that seemed an impossible task as photographers almost mobbed them.

Although Arinze’s former wife, Anne, was at the event, his current jewel did not try to make any I-am-the-babe-in-his-life move. She kept her cool and even ran to the back where Oge, Ejike Asiegbu’s wife, was seated. Life and Beat overheard her telling Oge, “I am not used to this kind of thing; I would rather stay here.”

But within a split second, Arinze came and dragged her back to the VIP section where they were seated before.

“How can I come to an event with my wife and we won’t seat together? Abeg, I am proud of her and we are going to be together,” he said.

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