Ghanaian upcoming screen goddess, Juliet Ibrahim, has taken legal action against a Nigerian film producer, for using her image and name to market his movies in Ghana and Nigeria without her consent.

The ‘4Play’ actress disclosed this when peacefmonline caught up with her in Accra. Juliet said there were currently too many illegalities and unprofessionalism going on in Nollywood, which need to stop.

For this reason, Juliet who has not featured in any Nigerian movie for over a year now has rejected every Nigerian script that comes her way since October last year and she does not intend to feature in any Nigerian movie for now, until the issue is over.

“Since October 2009, I have decided not to really focus on the Nigerian movie industry because there are a lot of things going on in Nigeria that I don’t even want to talk about, because currently I am in court with a Nigerian producer”, she disclosed.

According to her, what some of the Nigerian producers are doing now is that, they give you a very long script for one movie and after shooting all your scenes, the producers will take some of your scenes to create another movie with a different title, to make double money.

“A Nigerian producer can give you a script and when you read it, it make sense as one movie, but you will be surprised that it actually two movies in one when it comes on the market. You see that you have about 35 scenes in one movie, and then you are in about 4 scenes with the same costume in another movie with a different title”, Juliet explained.

She said there is a new Nigerian Movie in town titled “House of Love” marketed in Ghana now by Double D Films, which has her pictures on the poster and some scenes in the movie, but she has not shot any movie like that for any producer.

She said, she was going for a restraining order from court to stop the producer from selling the movie, until the issue is settled and she is paid appropriately. “I am going to make sure the movie has been taken off the market if I am not paid for it”. She stressed.

Juliet Ibrahim who grew up in Ivory Coast and the Lebanon, said she is now concentrating more on Ghanaian movies because a lot of people think she is not a Ghanaian because of her accent.

So she wants to be in more Ghanaian movies to let everyone know that she is a Ghanaian. Her mother is half Ghanaian from the Ashanti region and half Liberian and her father is a Lebanese born in Serra Leone.