The case of Nollywood actor, Emeka Ike and his half cast wife Emma has being lingering since 2015. Emeka Ike filed for divorce since July 13, 2015 but Emeka had refused to set her free by refusing to Sign the papers.

She accused the actor of incessant battery over the years while their marriage started, an accusation the actor denied.

The embattled union which produced four kids has finally been resolved as both parties were advised to maintain peace.

Emma had declared in court that when the divorce battle was ongoing, she hasn’t being privileged to see her kids as Emeka Ike denied her access to them.

She said: “My husband treated me like nobody and throughout this divorce tussle; he had denied me access to my children,” the woman said.

“He does not allow them to pick my call as he keeps changing their numbers. The last time I heard my first son’s voice was when he was sick and about to undergo surgery.

“It was a friend who informed me that my son was in the hospital and I called Emeka Ike asking him for the location of the hospital but he refused to disclose that.”

Emeka Ike’s Refusal to sign the papers was because he still wanted the marriage as he had been begging Emma for reconciliation, a move she blatantly refused.

According to the court president, Mr. Awos Awosola, evidence brought before the court proved that the marriage was beyond redemption.

 “Emeka Ike, who has been begging to be reconciled with his wife, has not made any effort towards the reconciliation.The marriage is hereby dissolved with effect from March 2, in accordance with the Lagos State Customary Court Law, 2011; Order 3 Rule 7 as amended. Any party that is not satisfied with the judgment has the right to appeal to any court of higher jurisdiction within 30 days from today,’’ the court president ruled.

Meanwhile, the custody of the kids was awarded to the Nollywood star, Emeka Ike while Suzanne Emma was given unhindered access to them.