Months ago, Nollywood star, Kalu Ikeagwu walked down the aisle with his heartthrob, Ijeoma Eze in an intimate wedding event that was devoid of luxury.  How does the once upon a time ‘most eligible Nollywood bachelor’ feels about getting married finally? He doesn’t try to think of it.


The only thing that Kalu understands is that he is just hooked together with his soul-mate and  best friend. “We are easing it together.” He said and will be having his honeymoon soon “My brothers want us to come to the US and the UK. We will go to the two. I know they will spoil us silly.”

He said “It feels wonderful when you see your better half or your missing rib. The most important thing is that I have trusted God that whoever I am going to marry will be a God fearing lady. God has granted my request. I know that eight years from now, I will still see her the same way she is now.”

Kalu revealed that his wife has a secret lover she loves better “She loves God more than me. She is a good accountant. She is very honest. She tells you things as they are. She is extremely intelligent. We are of like minds and most important, we love each other.”

Starting their family, “As God leads, I think it has started already. I have a daughter now, her own daughter is now my daughter and we are getting along very well. Children are loan from God, so, we will live as each day comes and continue to pray to God to bless us with it.” He said