Veteran Nollywood actor, Kanayo O. Kanayo has reacted to claims that there is s– for role in the industry. Many Nollywood actresses had admitted that s– for roles were so rampant and killing the industry.

Kanayo, popularly known as KOK, in an Instagram post on Wednesday said people might have been hearing of s– roles in Nollywood.

He said such tales were not true, saying that many of the girls were not working hard to live up to their roles they were cast for.

He said this is quite a shame.

He wrote: “When you hear of s– for roles in Nollywood, please do not believe all you are told. Many of the girls are not working hard to live up to the roles they are cast for. Quite a shame.”

Meanwhile, Fast-rising Nigerian singer, Olakira, has started the year on a good note as he has bagged an endorsement deal with the luxurious vehicle company, Maserati.

The deal was made possible in recognition of his smash hit song, ‘In My Maserati’, which topped the charts for many weeks mostly in Ngieria.

In a video shared on the brand’s official Instagram page, the singer could barely hide his shock at the amazing deal that he received during a recent foreign trip.

As part of the deal, the superstar has access to Maserati Luxury Cars in any country he visits. ‘Hop in my Maserati’ has leapt out of the lyrics and hit the road.

Olakira is a Nigerian pop artist and producer whose name means “shining star” in Swahili.

As a youth he played musical instruments in church and got paid to program music for ceremonies. He later decided to make a career of it.