For those who know Halima Abubakar, the city of Kano has been her home. The city is where the ebony actress has had her life invested in.

Not long ago, precisely during the 2011 April elections, the actress’ family bread factory (Godiya Confectioneries) was touched by the violence that erupted in in the city.

According confirmed information flying in to, the actress has concluded plans and made up her mind to leave the accient city with all her family members immediately for fear of bomb blast by Boko Haram members who are bent on more attacks on the city.

We learnt that Halima, who has been very worried about the security situations in the city, is not happy at the rate of bomb explosions happening in Kano and fears loss of any family member to death to bomb explosion.

The hot actress announced last week, “With a heavy heart I and my family are leaving Kano State. God knows best. It is well.”

Kano, Nigeria’s largest city, has been under attack of dreaded Boko Haram members with bomb blasts. Just two weeks ago, the city was hit with the deadliest bomb explosion ever with over 160 recorded dead.

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