Nigerian management consultant Kara has shoved her head into the fight that all started like a Vimbai and laurel Ikeji’s fight.

Some days back, Zimbabwean OAP Miss Vimbai wrote a long note calling out female celebrities who long sharing their luxury lives online then at the end of it all attribute it to hard work.

She went on to tell them that it was ok if they say the truth if it was a gift they should say it out rather than deceive the younger generation that all their acquisition is from hard work.

This came about after Laurel Ikeji shared a photo of her newly acquire Mercedes Benz SUV crowning it all that it was through hard work, although she did not mention any names.

Many celebrities have shown their reactions but that of Kara seems to be most intriguing and captivating.

She said;

“Why do ladies like to tear one another down instead of showing each other support? The world is already hostile to us without us being our own enemies. No matter what the hustle is or how odd it may seem, she is only trying to survive and improve her self-worth. For whatever it is worth I am for uplifting the feminine pride and clapping when i see a win or the semblance of a win… I would rather not focus on shaking any tables. I make more than 20 million a year but i certainly do not see that as a criterion or benchmark for being inspirational or a motivational figure. Do you and let others do them… and just focus on the positives. Focus on your own table.” Kara replied.