Nollywood actress, Karen Igho Rakos, has been away from social circle for a while due to the fact that she has not been based in the country but with her husband abroad.

 What a way to reveal true African to world considering the facts that women these days prefer to use baby carriers which helps them place the baby in front of their belly rather than carry them on the their back.

The actress recently shared a picture of herself backing her baby behind the African way while she continues to hide the baby’s face from the media and public.

Though, a fan attacked her for not revealing the baby’s face while describing her as a “Nigerian forming Beyonce,” she has chosen to ignore whatever is being said about her as she continues to enjoy motherhood.

According to the fan by name Obaseki, “Nigeria forming, you have a baby hide is face for ages then later when you show is face he or she looks like a monkey!! Hiss.”