Since her return to Nigeria from the US, where her husband resides, Nollywood actress, Uche Jombo, has been busy with different activities.

A while ago, Uche and few of her colleagues were in Abuja for a campaign to create awareness for breast cancer, which has gradually become a cankerworm in the society and has claimed several lives.

Kate Henshaw, who was among the stars that partook in the rally, shared a picture of hers with her friends, including Uche Jombo, but a fan found offence in Uche not going out with her child.

The said fan called out on the actress saying, “Uche Jombo, you left your baby for who? And busy gallivanting around. Go home and take care of your child. I don’t even know if you guys see how Mercy Johnson is managing hers.”

But this did not go down well with Kate, who cautioned the said fan on how to address people, describing the said fan as someone without “pituitary gland”.