Nollywood actress, Kate Henshaw, aside just making her money from acting, has decided that her mission will be to help people is distress no matter how much and time it will cost her.


The actress for a while now has been handling the medical case of a young Michael with tumour whom she discovered with his mother, Mary, on the road side begging for alms and she decided to give a helping hand.

Kate has since through the support of well meaning Nigerians been ensuring that baby Michael gets the best health care he can get as he was admitted to a government hospital until they were forced to leave due to the ongoing strike.

Still putting in her best to ensure that the baby gets all the necessary support, Kate who has been busy was surprised to find out that the mother of the child has not been seen for about five weeks and the child’s grandmother had to be called in to stay with the child while they await the strike to be called off.

Will giving an update on Michael’s health she wrote; “The strike is still on so we visited Michael at Project Alert’s Shelter. His treatment is still ongoing and the Doctor has told us to be ready for a long journey. The tissue under the tumour is not healthy so they will not operate.

“The mother, Mary, has not been seen since 5wks. We had to get Michael’s grandmother in to care for him. Despite all the obstacles, we are committed to doing what we said, caring for his medical condition for as long as it takes.

“We are holding a press conference next week to bring the public up to speed on development so far.. God bless you all for your donations, care and concern. Project Alert Baby Michael Zenith Bank account details are 1014609708.”


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