BLOC PARTY frontman KELE OKEREKE finds it difficult to relate to his Nigerian heritage – because of the country’s stance on women’s rights and homosexuality.

The openly gay singer was born in Britain, but both his parents hail from Nigeria, where homosexuality is a highly contentious issue.

And Okereke insists the country’s viewpoint on gays, as well as women’s rights, makes it tough for him to feel a connection to the African nation.

He tells Britain’s Attitude magazine, “I was born in the U.K. and my parents are Nigerian. Fundamentally, I do have problems with a lot of what I perceive to be Nigerian culture. How they treat women. How they treat gays. It’s a very hierarchical system where you always have to defer to your elders even if you know them to not be right. That’s something I personally disagree with. I think everything should be open to discussion. To reason is part of being human.

“Nigeria is part of my heritage. I’d like to explore it. I love African music. I love African food. I love African people when I meet them. But these things are very complicated for me personally.”