Anita Joseph has just gotten herself into big trouble when she encouraged promiscuous act among ladies.

Kemi Olunloyo is known to be a vocal person who cares less about what others says except hers, has just attacked the actress for her opinion calling her a prostitute.

The journalist took to her social platform, telling ladies not to heed to such advice as it wasn’t advisable judging from her own personal experience.

In her words: “yet another Nolywood whore giving advice. Actress Anita Joseph wants ladies to open their legs for multiple affairs at the same time and last year, Toke Makinwa wanted ladies to have a one night stand and kiss a stranger. I scolded Toke but at least she was talking about one man, promoting multiple men and I am not having it. You all already know I hate polygamy. If you can ladies, keep your eggs, uterus and Fallopian tubes in one basket and forget this Nollywood prostitute’s advice. F**k Anita.”