Nigerian journalist Kemi Olunloye is never shy to publicly seek for funds from other celebrity even after shaming Linda Ikeji saying she only contributed 100k to her prison fare.

Kemi has now used a slight opportunity she got to beg Nigerian internet big boy Husspuppi for money after he defended her on the comments she made about Linda Ikeji.

She, Kemi Olunloyo has taken to social media to beg Nigerian Big Boy, Ray Husppupi for money to take care of her mental health issues.

She wrote:

“It’s his dressing that pops my eyes open. The one and only @hushpuppi. Come and beat BEAT #lindaikeji’s 100k donation to Aunty Kemi’s prison and mental disorder ISH. Caught Hush puppi fighting someone online about all my palava calling out the person and I heard the phrase “Aunty Kemi’s ish. Love your style Ray. Hope to hear from you soon. Account details 3020832750 First Bank NOT second bank o. That one na Linda’s bank. Second na “Ikeji” in Yoruba. Abeg fake people don’t come begging me for school fees when I see HP’s alert.”

After leaving the prison, she has been acting broke and begging for funds publicly every time.