Aunty Kemi Olunloyo is extremely controversial which is why we were not surprised when she went on a live camera and alleged that Bianca Ojukwu was engaged to marry Femi Fani-Kayode, and that she had an abortion for him. 

The story of Femi saying that he dated Bianca has not been forgotten by Nigeria even though Bianca threatened to sue the politicians. Now that Olunloyo has corroborated that story, Bianca has attacked aunty Kemi but this time with a twist.

Kemi said “It’s true, they went out, and she got pregnant twice, ,” she adding, “the first pregnancy was a miscarriage…they were supposed to get married, they were engaged already, but Bianca didn’t want to go out with Fani-Kayode anymore so she had an abortion…I’m saying it on camera now, she had an abortion.”

The press statement from Bianca reads in part:

“The attention of Her Excellency has been drawn to an interview granted by a media character Ms Kemi Olunloyo, a deportee from Canada, and a fugitive from justice in the United States of America, whose sole existence centres around online character assassination.

Her victims have ranged from Bishops, General Overseers,Presidents, Ministers, Hardworking Musicians and real media Personalities down to her own family members including her mother, father, stepmother and siblings…It is obvious that Ms Olunloyo needs urgent psychiatric attention Her Excellency extends her sincere sympathies to Ms. Olunloyo’s family, and urges those who are able, to ensure that this mentally challenged individual receives the crucial psychiatric help she is so desperately in need of in order to contain her excesses.”