Prior to last week’s allegation by Kelly Hansome that Kennis Music is siphoning his money; Kennis Music has come out strongly to deny his claims. The following is the conversation that ensued between the manager of Kennis, Godwin Ngige and PeoplesEnt’ment anchorman, Harry Idoro, Jnr.

From this telephone conversation, and in a bid to correct the allegations made by Kelly, it is not clear who is at fault as nobody is ready to give in. However, Kelly remains strong in his allegations, while Kennis deny any form of larceny.

What do you have to say about the departure of Kelly Hansome?

Kelly signed a six years contract with us. As the contract reads, he is supposed to produce a total of three albums within this six years, but he has only donated one album. So, if he says he can no longer…

But (cuts in)

The duration of the contract has not elapsed…I don’t know where he is bringing these issues from.

…According to him, some issues contained in the contract has not been met

Did he show you the copy of the contract?

No, he did not, and I don’t think I need to see the contract first before asking what he said.

Before he can say that, you should have asked him to read it or show you where it was written that, those things (provision of a car, a house, etc) will be done…you are a journalist and you should ask him to show you…

It doesn’t work like that all the time. Moreover, he said those things are supposed to be given to him initially and not before the contract elapsed. And I’m saying this based on what the person you signed a contract with said.

Ok, but is it in the contract that he will be given a house? That is what he said.

So, let him show you or let him read the place where it was stated in the contract.

He also said his lawyer and your lawyer are meeting to clarify things

Oga, all these are merely what he said. Why not let us work on facts.

But this is coming from the man you had contract with. Is he lying?

And I’m telling you that it is not true.

So, what exactly is in the contract?

Let me give you our publicist number. He will be able to answer that one. As far as I’m concerned, he has two more albums to do.

Are you calling him back or what are you doing as regards his remaining two albums?

The publicist will be able to give you details. I don’t know his full name, but they call him Ayeni the great.

Efforts to reach the publicist proved abortive as calls made to his mobile phone as at the time of this report was not reachable. shall however, bring you the response, if any, of the publicist when we get in touch with him.