Comedian, Otolorin Peter Kehinde, popularly known as  Kennyblaq has shocked his fans when he confessed that he is a virgin and doesn’t even know what s*x is all about.  The multitalented comedian has also opens up about his love life.


He reveals the love of his life  “I’m in love with my twin sister (laughs), she is the love of my life for now. After I lost my mom in 2012, my twin sister has been my mom and everything, she’s been so supportive. That is not to say I don’t have female friends, I do, I even have a lot of female friends and fans that want to date me.

But because I still want to be relevant in the industry in the next 10 or 20yrs, I don’t have time for a relationship. I want to work, work, and work. I’ve been in relationships before but they didn’t work because I didn’t have time for the girls.”

He added “ I think a lady deserves attention in a relationship; her man should always be there. It doesn’t mean I don’t have free times, I do, but even in those free times I still work.

Relationships in the entertainment industry hardly work, if you have to date someone in the industry, it has to be someone who understands the nature of the job because some partners are very jealous and need real attention. So, right now I just want to wait till when I find someone who really understands because I don’t want to break any girl’s heart. I don’t even have a heart, it’s kpomo that is there (laughs).”