Like her or detest her, the person about American star, Kim Kardashian is about business and not pleasure because whatever she does, there is someone giving her the approval to do so.

For Nigerian singer, Darey Art Alade, brinringing Kim K, to Nigeria in 2013 was not an issue but a business strategy which he achieved as planned.

While speaking to Sun newspaper about the star personality on social media, Darey pointed that she could be an idol to many depending on how they chose to see her.

He stated that when the star was brought to Nigeria, she spent a day in the country and granted exclusive interviews with various media platforms before she left and not the 45 minutes as widely reported because she was brought for a reason which was for business.

“She could be a role model depending on what you choose to idolize about her. When you say she’s taking off her clothes everywhere, remember that she’s married and has people that give her permission to that. Bringing her here was purely a business decision. If you ask me whether I’m okay with her posing n^de, that’s a totally different question,” he said.