Nigerian singer kiss Daniel is flaunting his financial muscles to show that when it comes to wealth he is also on that same page with other big musicians in the country.

The singer is one of those artistes that love to show off their wealth on social media and with this new acquisition, kiss Daniel will be said to be making it big time in the industry.

With the recent drop of hit songs back to back this has truly increased his bank account and the singer cannot hold back on this is spending spree.

The singer just removed a whooping sum of N14 million just for a mere necklace that someday it may get lost or misplaced.

Kiss bought a diamond customized necklace which has the word FLYBOY boldly in scripted on it and this attracted Nigerian luxurious designer Malivelihood.

Flyboy is the name of his just established record label after he won the court case against his former record label G-Worldwide.

Reacting to the picture of the jewelry, Malivelihood dropped a comment stating that the piece costs N14 million. He said, “14 Million no be small thing o”.

The singer had recently shared a photo of his newly acquired mansion in Lekki of Lagos state and he even bought a new car because he gave out his old car to his younger brother on his birthday. 2018 is surely turning out to be a good one for him.