Remember the winner of Amstel Malta Box Office (AMBO) Season 3? If you can recall the prominent role she played in the Super Story series, Evil Genius, maybe you will remember Bhaira Mcwizu, who has featured in many Nollywood movies. In this interview, she shares her experience on the Tinsel set, how she was able to survive the loss of her sisters and the love of her life. Excerpts…

What are you up to lately?

It is a personal season. I am trying not to work too hard, trying to have a vacation. It is the holiday season and I am trying to rest. It has been work, work, work. So I need time to relax and rest.

What is your take on s*ft p*r* in Nollywood?

Is it really in Nigeria or in Ghana? Well, the truth of the matter is that these things are gradually eating into our society. But I think it is not only restricted to acting alone. It also in music and so on. I guess it depends on the actor. What are your principles? What do you stand for? Are you just going to put off your clothes because you want to sell and make some money?

Does it make sense to you?

Some things have to make sense to me, like the lines. For instance, kissing when it is not necessary or taking off clothes when it is not needed. It’s just as if someone is trying to make quick money and I think that is the path they have chosen.

Can you take such role?

What type of role?

I don’t mean p*r* itself, but soft p**n?

Whether it is s*ft or hard p*r*, it still has p*r* in it (laughs). I have many people I look up to in the film industry, both local and international, and I don’t think they had anything to do with p*r* to get to where they are today. If they have to kiss or be intimate with their co-actors, yes, they have done that, but it is only acting and you have to do it. You can be seductive in a movie without taking off your clothes and people would want to see more of you. It is too in your face, and I don’t think they have found a way to go about because it is too cheap. So, it is not appealing and I don’t think I am cool with that. It just has to make sense at the end of the day and I don’t think it must have an element of p*r* in it.