Foremost Nigerian Fuji Musician, General Kollington Ayinla has expressed shock about the contents of songs circulating among youths in recent times.

While citing Portable’s Zazuu as an example in an interview, Ayinla stated that despite the poor contents being produced today, musicians get massive acceptance from music lovers.

According to him, songs like ‘Zazu’ ought not to be played on the radio or on TV.

Continuing, He pointed out that Portable’s Zazu is an adaptation of his 1981 classic song ‘ Zaa Zazu’.

The Fuji general added that music of today truly lacks content, but it is hardly the fault of the musician, as Nigerians just want to dance.

In his words:

“Such songs with nothing to better a lot of the youths ought not to be played on the radio or on TV.

“But nowadays it is all about melody and street madness and not music that will last and impact on the society.”

“He (Portable) sang ‘Zazu’- a song style I released in 1981.”

Ayinla urged musicians to create music that will have a positive effect on society.

“Musicians don’t care about the lyrics of their music anymore and the lessons that people ought to learn from their songs. In lyrics like Ori e o Foka sibe, someone called himself Were Olorin (referring to Portable).

He said in his song, ‘Were Adugbo wo ilu o’ meaning the mad man of the streets has come o. And unfortunately, people are dancing to it. Are they improving the community or they are adding to the problems?” He concluded.

Listen To Ayinla’s Zazu Below