In the 90s,  Kenny Saint-Brown, the younger sister to entertainment mogul and On-air-personality, Kenny Ogungbe was a reigning artiste as a secular singer. She has changed her genre to gospel music and she insists that she is making a lot of money too.

She talked about her last concert “I had a concert like a month ago and it took me like 10-years to have it thought and planned out and eventually it came through. I didn’t know I needed to go through some phases to come out on the other side victoriously, the concert was tagged ‘KSB Live in Worship’.

She added “So the name was bigger than the brand. It was the songs I later did that got known; I made gospel music to be played beyond Sunday mornings and I made gospel music to be fun and for younger people to know that they can do gospel music, that, the world can embrace it. I’ve been consistent and believe me, I made money.”