King Wasiu Ayinde Marshall ,KWAM 1 is not going to wait till he goes to heaven before enjoying a luxury life here on earth. If there is one thing he doesn’t like, it is comparing him to artistes who are still trying to make money.


To him, he has been living in luxury long before the social media came up.


In his boasting he said  “Honestly we need to discuss this, why people use the word ” Olowo loma kuuree”. When I was a young man in my 20s, many things people just seeing me do today I have been doing.. like travelling abroad on first class or priority class . One thing I never liked in my life is, why I should have to wait until some class of people get out of an aircraft that took all of us to the same destinations…”

He said  “When we used to travel those days in the past to places like London, Rome, Italy, France and Madrid in Spain… Very serious people studying hard goes to Germany or USSR Soviet Union then but now Russia… Hmmmmm Oju tin laasiii. AMERICA is Orun Kalo – Kabo..Gone were the days my people…”

He is surprised that some wealthy people are stingy to live the good life. “But the truth of it is that, many has that money but either refused to spend it for a best reasons known to them or just out of “stinginess”