Popular Nollywood actor,Sam Uche Anyamele has in a new interview talked about his personal life.The actor whose talent was discovered through Wale Adenuga’s Super Story where he was famous for the role ‘Richard’ has talked about his career and admitting it was at popular pentecostal church Assemblies Of God he learnt how to sing and play music and that has helped to shape his career.

 He disclosed how that his career started off after he went for an audition and that audition gave rise to his stepping into the Nigerian movie scene.

Speaking about his love life,he admitted he was not yet married and that no one was in sight at the moment but would tie the knots soon.

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Talking about his relationship with his female fans he said,

“I take them in my strides, which means if you’re not flowing with me, I’ll let you go. But then, the content in me drives me so strongly that we may not be able to connect if you’re not goal-driven. And again, you can’t marry everybody. You can’t date everybody. So, the relationships are not tied around marriage. But, basically, I try to be as prayerful as I can. Even the friends, I try to be prayerful when I’m around them. And when I say prayerful, I mean being real prayerful”

The actor went on to tell a very hilarious story how that a woman saw him in a bus and thought she had seen “Richard” which was his character in Super Story ,and guess the woman recalled how that Richard dealt with Ronke who was another act in the super story episode and felt she should also deal with him.He recounted that the woman removed her headgear and started flogging him with it until he ran out of the bus,this he terms the most embarrassing moment of his career.

When asked what he has missed bearing in mind his celebrity status,he said,

“I’ve not allowed fame or fortune to take me off certain things. I still go out to eat my favourite food. For instance, I still go out to eat ofe gamgbam, ofe oha (oha soup). No, I will never miss that. I try to be as real as possible” he said.