A lady has been showed the exit door by her employers after they said she broke the law to change the cable in other to watch Big Brother Naija show which was prohibited.

The said lady was a staff at a Private Medical Laboratory in Asaba, Delta State and she is currently unemployed.

The executive director of Motherwell Diagnostics in Asaba, Delta State named Emmanuel Akpowhe sanctioned her quit letter on the 30th of April, 2018 for tuning the office TV to the event channel showing the Big Brother Naija reality show.

A family friend of the lady in question shared the sack letter of the lady in question with the media which she claims that the lady is innocent of the allegations leveled against her by the management.

The letter given to the lady by Emmanuel reads;

“Despite the rules in the office prohibiting the tuning of the DSTV in the office to the channel hosting the Big Brother Naija programme, you have repeatedly tuned to it and watched the programme. The first time you willfully violated the rule you were given your last waning. Yu have gone ahead to violate it a second time. In order that you do not become a bad influence on the rest of the workers and since attempts to correct you have led to distrust and break down of communication between you and the management, your continued stay here is contra-indicated.The management has therefore decided to relieve you of your post with immediate effect.

Management wishes you every success in your future endeavors.

Yours faithfully,

Emmanuel Akpowhe”