Lady whom Davido knelt for apologises to Chioma

An American influencer simply known as Gorgeous Doll, has Chioma Rowland over the leaked video of her husband, Davido begging her in tears.

The lady, after the video broke the internet, disclosed on Thursday that she has been receiving death threats from people she suspects to be Davido’s fans.

Gorgeous Doll, in the video, said, “As everyone knows, this video that someone leaked in my camp or who was in my camp, as you would say, is resurfacing on the internet with this little rat beef situation, and I’m getting death threats every day.

“Nigeria, I love how hard you go for this person, you know, he’s a great artist, but death threats are over the top.

“I really do think that you guys need me to come tell you that I had no intentions of disrespecting anyone’s wife, anyone’s family.

“I said what I said that my video was leaked. I took accountability for the picture, but I did not post that video. I never intended for that video to be out to the public, and that’s just what it is.”

Furthermore, the influencer revealed that she had reached out to Chef Chi to offer an explanation and apologise.

“I did message his wife, Chef Chi. I gave her a full response of everything along with the timeline. I let her know respectfully my intentions were to never disrespect her or anything she has going on.

“As much as I’m dealing with death threats, I know she deals with ten times more what I deal with. At the end of the day, I’m a girl’s girl, I’m for women, and this is just a situation that should not keep continuing to happen,” she disclosed.

Recall that a photo of the influencer and Davido was released on the internet in April in which the duo appeared to be hugging.

Afterward, an unknown person leaked a video in which Davido was seen kneeling and begging (presumingly begging her).

The video and picture led to controversies around Davido’s relationship with his wife, Chef Chi.