We’ve been waiting for long. We’ve been wondering un-end. We’ve worried till we’re weary – when will we lay our hands on another Lagbaja album? When will the masked musician and his band bless fans with another body of work? This year? Next year? Or the year after the next?

Well, we can all now heave a sigh of relief, because Lagbaja has confirmed that a new album – the first since his 2005 release Africano – is ready, and about to hit the streets.

According to a statement released by his publicist Ayeni Adekunle on Monday April 6, the new album, which comes in two CDs, will be officially released in Nigeria before the end of April.
‘‘I’m glad to tell you, brothers and sisters, that our new album is ready’’, Lagbaja said in Lagos this week. ‘‘The world is going through different challenges right now, but the journey continues. We’ll continue to make good music and preach the gospel of Africa to the rest of the world’’.
Lagbaja’s eponymous debut album was released to national acclaim in 1993.
He followed with Cest Un African Thing in 1996, and in 2000 he did what was hitherto thought impossible when he dropped a three-in-one album titled ME, WE and ABAMI respectively. The simultaneous three-part release further enriched his repertoire of hits and timeless pieces, endeared him to even more critics, and won him a million-and-one converts.

His most recent album – Africano… the mother of groove- was released to critical acclaim in 2005.
Once again, Lagbaja is releasing more than once album simultaneously. ‘‘We have two CDs coming out this time. Our fans deserve it, especially having waited for this long’’, He said. A third, the long-anticipated Africano Party (now remixed) will follow later in the year.
Further details concerning the upcoming album, including dates and track listings, will be communicated within the next 72 hours.