Seun Kuti, a popular Afrobeat singer and the youngest son of Fela Anikulapo Kuti, has recently added his voice to the ongoing debate on the ownership of Lagos State. In a recent post on social media, Seun Kuti stated that Lagos is neither for the Yorubas nor a no man’s land, but a European satellite slave port.

The debate on who owns Lagos has been a topic of discussion ahead of the governorship poll scheduled for Saturday. Some have argued that the metropolitan city belongs to the Yorubas, while others hold the belief that it is a no man’s land. However, Seun Kuti has urged people to familiarize themselves with history and insisted that many know little about Lagos.

In his post, Seun Kuti wrote, “Lagos is no man’s land – WRONG. Lagos is Yoruba land – WRONG AGAIN. Lagos is a European satellite slave port – CORRECT!! You don’t know Lagos!! #getthesax.”

He went on to explain that Lagos is a Portuguese word and was called the Slave Coast, emphasizing that everyone moved to Lagos to slave and that all prominent Lagos elites are slavers. He further urged people to learn their history, stating that he who names it, owns it.

Seun Kuti’s post has added a new dimension to the ongoing debate on the ownership of Lagos. While some may disagree with his views, it is important to note that Lagos has a rich history, and it is essential to have a better understanding of this history to appreciate the city’s cultural and economic significance.