Veteran actor, Peter Fatomilola has revealed the reason he stopped playing the role of Papa Ajasco and featuring in Wale Adenuga’s ‘Super Story’.

Fatomilola who starred as Papa Ajasco in the first episode in 1983 said the distance from Ife where he lived to Lagos was very tiring and difficult journey.

He said that he could not move to Lagos because he did not see Lagos as a place to live. “What we have in Lagos is money; no culture, no morals. It is not a place to raise children with morals. I’ve been living in Ife for over 40 years. I am from Ekiti State, but Ife is the home of culture and center of civilisation,” he stated.

His opinion is quite different from a lot of people whose dreams were to raise their children in Lagos.

Narrating about his love for “Ifa” he said, “My father, late Chief Abraham Ojo Fatomilola, was the head of the herbalists in my town. We call that ‘Olu Awo’ or ‘Agba Awo.’

“In fact, I only wanted to study ‘Ifa’ and was always around my father, because it was great fun with him. 

When people came with goats, sheep, ducks and chickens, my father would take the parts he needed and instruct us to roast the other parts.” But for his mother, he would not have taken education seriously, because of his love for ‘Ifa.’