Laide Bakare is in the news again. The mother of one, gathered is now pregnant for his new over, Tunde Oriowo.

If you remember, a few years ago, there was this fight between her and another colleague, Bisi Ibidapo-Obey over boyfriend snatching thing.

The story has it then that the lover of Bisi collected a Range Jeep he gave to Bisi as gift when their relation went soured and gave it to Laide, his new catch.

The Range Rover jeep she has been driving around town once belonged to Bisi. The Jeep which was bought for Bisi by the ‘actor in the middle’ was withdrawn from her and presented to Laide as a gift. Not only that, she was also asked to evacuate the apartment given to her by the same man and given to Laide.

For now, both the actresses are said not to be in good terms since then, they just can’t see eye to eye let alone standing shoulder to shoulder.