The president of Actors Guild of Nigeria, Segun Arinze is poised to take the Guild to the next level. Rising from a one day national Executive meeting of the Guild, Mr. Arinze revealed his agenda for 2010 as follows
First Quarter 2010- To set up the AGN CHildren’s Club accross the state where Young talent would be discovered and they is dearth of young actors in country
2nd Quarter2010- The first Screen Actors Awards, to honour and reward talents.

3rd Quarter2010 AGN ACADEMY- a full fledged acadamy to train and retrain actors in Nigeria.
The academy will be set up in 6 geo political zones of the country.

Consultants have been appointment to drive the projects while in house committees have been set up to oversee the success of the projects.
The President called on all members to join him in moving the guild forward.
He urged members to bury the crisis in the past and join him in taking AGN to her rightful position in Nollywood.
Notable star actors are already on board with Mr. Arinze working on the projects mentioned above
Please help us promote this good plan of moving Actors Guild of Nigeria forward.

Abubakar Yakub

ENCL;Picture of the president Mr. Segun Arinze in the middle speaking to members of the Guild during the AGN End of year party. With him on the left is the National Sectretary, Ejezie Emeka Rollas and Right, Abubakar Yakub, National PRO