Few days ago, Self acclaimed fashionista Laura IKeji who couldn’t even prove to us how fashionable she is on her court wedding, took to social media boasting of owning the biggest fashion store in Nigeria.

On what looks like mediocre, many of her fans didn’t find this lie interesting at all, but assuming we were in April, they might have likely considered it as ‘April fool’.

Thereafter, an outspoken fan attacked her for being ridiculous with that statement and also mocked her by offering to leak her up with some Aba boys who could supply her some bags and shoes to fill up the kiosk she claims to be a boutique.

If you remember that some weeks ago, Laura IKeji was called out for selling imitation of designer items which she flaunted as original on her platform and later apologized claiming she had no idea it wasn’t the original.

However, Laura IKeji decided to fight dirty as she clapped back by insulting the fan’s mother as a way of payback. 

This we think was unnecessary as the fan’s mother was not the one who trolled her, neither did the fan insult Laura IKeji’s mom.