Nigerian Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh is in a fracas with her ex-husband Olakunle Churchill after he was called out on social media by an online vendor for stealing and owing them during their stay in Ghana.

Responding to this allegation, Tonto Dikeh had given the creditors the proper contact on how to get to them so they can get their money back from her ex-husband.

Replying to this comment by Tonto, Churchill wrote; “As for you mama King, thought we have moved on and you are not my PA neither my secretary henceforth desist from anything that concerns me. Lastly you should know by now with all you have tried, that no one can pull a man down especially one with the grace of god. My interest is my son, whom you have deprived me of seeing 14 months before the court case. I was able to see my son after the court granted me of sharing custody which was before his birthday. You and your lawyer have refused to oblige to court orders 4 times including his last holiday. Please Channel this same energy on responding to court order.”

Responding to this comment by Churchill, Tonto has issued he should go pay his debt and leave her out of his nonsense.

“Go and pay your bills and leave me out of your nonsense.Your son isn’t on Instagram, so telling sad untrue stories is unnecessary. Call your son, have a bond with my son if you want to rather than coming out to play victim and adding him to such useless gist. Woww such a father you are involving your son’s name in a messy debt scandal you created…btw you lied the house was yours and you bought it off a widow whose husband was a banker. Kings nanny/my PA’s phone keeps records you know? YOU ARE TOTALLY FORGOTTEN…..your debt had to resurrect your existence, stay on your bloody lane. Quit telling people you can’t pay them because @EFCC blocked your account. As a result of my reporting you to them…..The biggest mistake you will keep making is mentioning my name….Kunle #sinkedship #sailon #Papa Fraudster.”