Leave my husband’s name out of your mouth, Femi Adebayo’s wife blasts Dayo Amusa

Aduke Omotayo, the wife of Nigerian actor, Femi Adebayo, blasted Actress Dayo Amusa for criticising her husband.

Amusa had earlier condemned her colleague for presenting the Best Dressed Female award to Bobrisky, a crossdresser, at Eniola Ajao’s movie premiere.

She claimed that the judges and organisers of the event disrespected all the women present at the event, adding that they should have created a separate segment for crossdressers.

In response, Aduke took to Instagram to rebuke Amusa for allegedly targeting her husband simply because he presented the award to Bobrisky.

Aduke questioned the logic of blaming the presenter for the decision made by the judges and organisers.

She further criticised those who publicly criticised her husband instead of addressing concerns privately, questioning their integrity.

Amusa, commenting on Aduke’s defense of her husband, acknowledged Aduke’s right to defend her spouse but criticised her for resorting to banter, which she deemed as narrow-minded.

Aduke fired back, challenging the extent of damage Amusa could inflict, labeling her a hypocrite and evil-minded.

She recounted how Amusa had apologised to Femi earlier in the day, promising to rectify the situation with a video apology, which allegedly never materialised.

“Dayo! You are a hypocrite and evil-minded! Just this morning you were apologising to Femi on the phone. You claimed you didn’t mean it the way it was interpreted and that you would do a video to correct that but of course, you lied! Who God has blessed, No Dayo can curse. God is bigger than you”.