Lepacious Bose has listed the things she loves about Ghana and Ghanaians and one of the things she mentioned is that she admires the fact that they do not bleach their skin, unlike Nigerians.

The comedienne was at an event in Ghana where she granted an interview. During the interview, she talked about the Ghanaian foods she enjoys. She also said she likes the Ghanaians because they are real.

She said:

“I also love the fact that most Ghanaians are real. The average Ghanaian is real.

“And they don’t bleach… Well, most of them don’t.

“So, when I’m in Ghana, I feel at home. We’re all black together.

She adds:

“In Nigeria, sometimes I’m like… where am I?

“She then goes on to make a funny face, insinuating that a number of Nigerians bleach a lot, making them unrecognizable.”